Target Logistic Services, a domestic and international logistics provider, has been chosen to manage the national supply chain network of French luxury beauty products’ maker and distributor, L’Occitane.

The new agreement calls for Target to be responsible for complete supply chain strategies in transporting the sizeable number and variety of L’Occitane’s organic and natural beauty products. This includes delivery of fragrances, bath, body and skincare products to the company’s 156 stores and independent retail outlets throughout the US. Target will utilize many different transport options including same day service, next day morning & afternoon delivery plus deferred, time definite arrival of shipments based on the requirements of the customer. Pick-ups at L’Occitane’s distribution facility in Lyndhurst, NJ will be made on a daily basis and delivered directly to the company’s retail stores and independent retail outlets in every sector of the US.

In announcing the new arrangement, Oscar Rossini, Vice President Business Development at Target Logistics, stated, “we will focus on aiding the selling efforts at the L’Occitane stores by ensuring both their top of the line beauty products and marketing aids like in-store displays, will be delivered on time, safely and in pristine condition.”

Rossini noted that L’Occitane is one of the fastest growing companies in the making and distribution of luxury beauty care products. “Target expects to facilitate that growth,” he emphasized.

Chris Halkyard, Vice President Supply Chain & Logistics at L’Occitane, stated, “as a purveyor of the finest quality beauty products, L’Occitane requires a transport provider who offers similar high standards in meeting the diverse logistic needs of our rapidly expanding company. We believe Target Logistic Services has the expert personnel, the physical facilities and advanced technological capabilities to fulfill our supply chain objectives.”

Target Logistic Services provides total logistics support and freight forwarding services to a broad range of domestic and international customers. Started in 1970, the company now exceeds $175 million in annual revenues. It has facilities in 200 domestic airport cities and offices/agents in more than 80 nations. Target is a subsidiary of Target Logistics, Inc., a publicly held company listed on the American Stock Exchange.

L’Occitane is dedicated to recreating the colors, scents and traditions of Provence by developing beauty, skincare and fragrance products for men, women and the home. Founded in 1976 in the Provence region of France, L’Occitne has been a fixture in nearly every French home for over a decade. L’Occitane is in the midst of rapid expansion in the US that will place its Provencal boutiques in luxury shopping areas nationwide.