Agreement would cover thousands of current DHL workers nationwide

The Teamsters national negotiating committee has reached a tentative agreement on the historic DHL National Master Agreement.

“This agreement is truly historic. It is the first new national master agreement negotiated in the transportation sector in decades. Negotiations in recent months have been as complex as any I’ve been involved with but I am confident that we negotiated the best possible agreement for our members,” said Brad Slawson Sr., chair of the Teamsters national negotiating committee.

“The DHL national negotiating committee leaders from Teamster locals across the country stepped up and took ownership of the process and negotiated a national agreement that best serves our members at DHL Express. I’m proud to have had the opportunity to work with leaders from throughout the US to pull together the newest Teamster national master agreement.”

In accordance with Teamster procedure, the first step in ratifying the tentative agreement is to present the pact at the national two-man meeting, which will be scheduled soon. The “two-person meeting” involves two representatives from each local with DHL members, who review the new agreement and vote to endorse the tentative agreement.

“Our local leaders will thoroughly review this agreement to ensure that our members’ interests are protected,” said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. “The agreement must be endorsed by the union representatives before it is presented to the membership.”

Once the tentative agreement is approved, materials concerning the national contract will be mailed to members’ homes and posted to the Teamster website.