ARGO Tracker Corporation announces it is providing its GPS-based, real-time tracking solution to Texas Freight Services, a trucking company located in Houston. Texas Freight will use the system primarily for GPS location and tracking of its trucks. To date, ARGO Tracker has installed 40 GPS-based in-field data collection units in Texas Freight trucks and the system is fully operational in time for the busy Christmas shipping season. Texas Freight specializes in scheduled full truck load transportation of dry goods including sporting goods and clothing.

GPS tracking and monitoring allows Texas Freight to know when loads have been picked up or delivered; let their customers know where loads are; guide a truck driver if necessary; and, know what to expect for charges related to the International Fuel Tax Agreement.

‘It is the ability of the ARGO Tracker system to locate a truck down to the street level that sold us on their system,’ said Russell Hubbard, Director of Safety & Compliance, Texas Freight Services, Inc. ‘This level of visibility and fleet management has already helped us. For example, I had a driver going to an unfamiliar Department of Transportation location for a test and I was able to see exactly where the driver was so I could then direct him.’

‘The level of detailed visibility the ARGO Tracker system provides is unmatched,’ said ARGO Tracker CEO Michael Hammons. ‘The trackability and accountability we provide is a value-add for a company like Texas Freight. We empower the company with the knowledge they need to enhance productivity, reduce customer churn, and increase ROI. In essence, ARGO Tracker enables them to better serve their customer base.’