Alexandria, VA - The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) and the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) are pleased to announce the release of their updated joint Broker-Shipper contract. This is one of the model contracts offered exclusively to TIA and NITL members.

The two organizations began working on the updated model contract in 2017 with a small working group consisting of members of both organizations. Many of the updates sought to address the changing landscape of moving food products based on the pending implementation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Sanitary Transportation of Food Final Rule, which went into effect on April 6, 2017 for “larger” 3PLs (more than 500 employees), while “small businesses” have until April 6, 2018 to comply.

“Shippers and logistics companies worked together to create a model contract that is fair to both parties”, said TIA Contracts Committee Chairman James Lee, Vice President, Legal Affairs for Choptank Transport. “Now, NITL and TIA have taken it to the next level by adapting the model contract to address the landmark Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). The TIA and NITL model contract helps level the playing field for the contracting parties by eliminating over-reaching clauses commonly promoted by one side or the other, while comprehensively covering all the critical contract elements. By promoting industry best practices, we help advance the professionalism and fair trade for all.”

NITL Highway Committee Chairman, Jeff Tucker, CEO of Tucker Company Worldwide said, “Thanks Gary Palmer, model contracts lead, and NITL general counsel, Karyn Booth for your fine work representing NITL in the negotiations. Our respective organizations sought to integrate existing laws, regulations and legal interpretations and not place undue stress onto the other party. We’re pleased to provide this benefit to our members and our industry. All of TIA’s model contracts are exclusive to TIA members and can be found under the member’s only section of the TIA website - Likewise, NITL members have access through the member site at to access exclusive NITL model agreements and contacts.