The Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) is pleased to announce a new program to help members promote truck driver health and wellness, the Road Athlete System. TIA’s members include a significant number of truckload carriers.

The Road Athlete System is an interactive health and safety program designed specifically to eliminate the obstacles that prevent most professional truck drivers from living a healthy lifestyle. Besides enabling companies to comply with the wellness training the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires for entry level drivers, the Road Athlete System can help companies to improve the health and wellness of any driver, including owner-operators.

Most trucking companies are facing ever-increasing costs for health care and workers compensation, a high rate of driver turnover and a shrinking pool of new drivers. As a result, companies have a number of good reasons to look for productive and cost-effective ways to promote driver wellness. Over 73% of drivers are overweight and more than 50% are obese. Millions of drivers have diabetes. Over 80% have poor eating habits. Over 44% have to deal with high blood pressure. Poor lifestyles account for excessive sick days and contribute to high turnover.

‘The cost to companies because of the poor lifestyles of drivers can add thousands of dollars per driver per year to a company’s overhead. That is why TIA was so pleased to learn about the Road Athlete System and to be able to make this program available to our members. TIA prides itself on being out in front when it comes to helping our members tackle and eliminate the serious problems they face,’ said TIA President and CEO Robert Voltmann.