After the TIA Convention, there was an immediate influx of interest in the Watchdog site. Since this time alone, there have been 80 requests from TIA members for new Master accounts, and this number is growing on a daily basis. Clearly, members were impressed with the first hand accounts from their colleagues about the many ways that Watchdog has been a benefit to them. And, with high ethical standards and low tolerance for marketplace problems, TIA members look forward using the Watchdog reporting tool as often as needed.

During the Convention, the Watchdog site was discussed extensively and there was overall consensus that it has been a big success to member users in identifying bad players. Charlie Myers, President of pointed out that the more reports in the database, the more valuable the site will become as an information source. He also encouraged members both to sign up for Master accounts on Watchdog and to file reports on a regular basis.

Along with the 80 new account holders, 130 reports have been filed since Watchdog was launched in September 2005. TIA has made numerous improvements to date, and will continue to do so as the site grows. Bob Voltmann, TIA President and CEO, said,‘A large and growing data base will increase TIA’s opportunities to improve the site as we learn from more and more member users what works best.’ Members in attendance at the Convention were asked to send their Watchdog suggestions to TIA.