In the spring of 2022, Titan Brands began shipping with FedEx Freight Direct, the FedEx e-commerce solution providing nationwide to-the-door and through-the-door delivery for heavy, bulky business-to-consumer and business-to-business shipments.

Since adopting FedEx Freight Direct for shipping, Titan has experienced increased customer satisfaction scores, a reduction in customer issues, and a near elimination of costs incurred from returned shipments.

Titan credits these successes to shipment visibility provided by FedEx Freight Direct Basic. For Titan, FedEx Freight Direct Basic was the perfect fit for the drop-and-go consumer-focused experience they were looking for.

“FedEx Freight Direct has provided us with the ability to proactively notify our customers about their shipment’s arrival via email and text, which has resulted in an improved delivery experience and fewer customer issues,” said Jeff Hill, Titan’s Director of Supply Chain. “Thanks to FedEx Freight Direct, in just one quarter, we’ve seen a tremendous savings due to a reduction of returned shipments.”

“Titan Brands is a prime example of how our Basic service can benefit e-commerce retailers,” Bonnie Voldeng, Vice President FedEx Freight Direct, said. “Basic provides to-the-door delivery with proactive notifications for the recipient and photo capture at the time of delivery. These shipments move through the FedEx Freight network for fast, day-definite delivery.”

FedEx Freight Direct offers four service levels: Basic, Basic by Appointment, Standard, and Premium. Basic service provides delivery to the ground-level front or back door or to the garage with no signature or appointment time required, as well as a photo capture to confirm delivery.