TNT Freight Management has joined Cargo 2000 as an Industry Associate member.

H’kan Nilsson, CIO of TNT Freight Management, commented, ‘‘Logistics buyers are increasingly embracing the new paradigm of pro-active exception management as opposed to mere reactive incident measures. To enable this quality quantum leap, there is a definite need to optimize processes across company boundaries through the demand and supply chain.

‘In particular this is very evident in the air cargo industry as identified by Cargo 2000. We are putting strong emphasis on process optimization and consistency and quality of data. We have come to the conclusion that our own initiatives in this area aligns perfectly well with Cargo 2000 and have high hopes that Cargo 2000 is now at the point of breaking through a barrier. Momentum is being gained and long withstanding results are no longer far away. TNT Freight Management aspires to be a forefront leader in this industry changing initiative and strongly believe that our customers will benefit accordingly.’

Lothar Moehle, Program Director of Cargo 2000, said, ‘The fact that TNT Freight Management has joined Cargo 2000 underlines both the importance and value of our quality program. By becoming Industry Associates of Cargo 2000, businesses of all sizes in the air cargo supply chain can understand the full benefits of what we are implementing. Most importantly of all, they can give a positive response when their customers ask them: what are you doing about Cargo 2000?’

TNT Freight Management employs approximately 2,200 people in 28 countries.