The New World Alliance (TNWA), which consists of APL, Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) and Mitsui O.S.K. (MOL), has unveiled its Trans-Pacific deployment programme for the busy peak shipping season.

TNWA announced deployment changes to the service strings of the PS2 and the PSX (formerly PSV). All the enhancements are aimed at providing additional space and enhanced service levels to customers during the peak shipping season.

PSX service

TNWA has renamed the PSV the PSX, as it is now focused on California. The first voyage of the PSX will be from Hong Kong on June 12 by the MOL EXPEDITOR, voy. 017E. The PSX rotation will be Hong Kong, Chiwan, Yantian, Oakland, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong. Kaohsiung eastbound coverage is suspended, and the service adds Oakland and Tokyo coverage.

PS2 service

The PS2 service added calls at Kaohsiung when the APL SINGAPORE, voy. 090E sailed from Xiamen on June 11. The revised PS2 rotation will be Xiamen, Hong Kong, Yantian, Kaohsiung and Los Angeles.

The rotation and deployment of TNWA’s remaining Trans-Pacific West Coast services, SAX, PS1, PS3, GCX, PSW, and PNW will remain unchanged, as do TNWA’s Trans-Pacific East Coast services.

TNWA will continue to operate 10 fixed-day weekly services in the Trans-Pacific trade. Eight services (SAX, PS1, PS2, PS3, GCX, PSX, PSW, PNW) call at the North America West Coast and two services (NYX, APX) offer all-water services between Asia and the US East Coast via Panama.

TNWA also operates two fixed-day services in the Trans-Atlantic trade and four fixed-day services in the Asia-Europe trade. The three-member alliance co-ordinates more than 100 containerships in the major East-West container trades.

Service Acronyms

APX Atlantic Pacific Express

GCX Guam China Express

NYX New York Express

PNW Pacific Northwest

PS1, PS2, PS3 Pacific South 1, Pacific South 2, Pacific South 3

PSV Pacific South Vancouver

PSW Pacific Southwest

PSX Pacific South Express

SAX South Asia Express