TRAC Intermodal today announced that it has invested more than $1 billion in expanding and modernizing its marine chassis fleet since 2011. The company initiated a fleet modernization program in 2015 aimed at delivering modern, reliable and sustainable chassis to the marketplace.

These investments include the addition of tens of thousands of new chassis and TRAC’s introduction of a BlueEdge Chassis Refurbishing program, which transforms older chassis to the highest level of safety and performance. Each year, thousands of TRAC chassis are upgraded with features such as LED lights, radial tires, all-new wiring harnesses and new brake systems. Since 2018, TRAC has upgraded or added 40,000 new chassis to its U.S. fleet.

“We are fully committed to providing motor carriers, BCOs, ocean carriers and other customers with the most advanced and reliable equipment to ensure a safe and efficient flow of goods,” said Daniel Walsh, President and CEO at TRAC Intermodal. “Our significant investment over the last decade ensures that we are well positioned to meet even the most pressing chassis demand periods. More critically, we aim to continue to invest in the expansion and modernization of TRAC’s fleet to support the growth of our customers and ensure they continue to have access to the highest quality and most reliable chassis in the industry.”

Since 2015, TRAC has added new or upgraded chassis to 65 percent of TRAC’s Metro Pool, 60 percent of its Gulf Regional Pool, 45 percent of TRAC’s Pacific Southwest Pool and 30 percent of its Marine Eastern Pool fleets. These additions reinforce the industry’s need for safety, optimal performance and operational flexibility.

TRAC Intermodal is making equipment investments in other areas too. It has converted its TRAC Tire Services division, one of the country’s largest tire retreading facilities, to exclusively serve the company’s marine chassis fleet. The division, in partnership with tire maker Goodyear, uses rigorous quality control and proprietary compounded intermodal rubber to improve performance and minimize tread-wear.

TRAC Tire Services currently provides a significant portion of the tire needs across TRAC’s fleet. In addition, TRAC is partnering with third-party suppliers to secure the required tire capacity to meet its needs. These strategic partnerships ensure high-quality, safe and sustainable tire solutions.