Trans-Soft’s TS2000 Plus and TS2000Net Software Integrated with Datatrac’s eTrac Network to add significant value for Freight Forwarders

Trans-Soft, Inc. has linked its TS2000 Plus and TS2000Net software products with Datatrac’s eTrac network, providing freight forwarding customers the edge necessary to offer top quality service without the enormous investment of time and money.

Datatrac, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, is a leading software developer and wireless communications solutions provider offering value-added applications and services to truckers, couriers, freight forwarders and shippers in the time-sensitive delivery industry. Datatrac eTrac is an Internet-based hub for tracking shipment information that is now seamlessly integrated with Trans-Soft’s existing TS2000 Plus and TS2000Net freight management systems. Both software programs interface directly with other software systems that are integrated with eTrac, including Datatrac’s COPS (Courier Order Processing System), and STATIS (Shipment Tracking and Tracing Information System) solutions. eTrac automatically tracks shipment information electronically from order entry to delivery to invoice to reconciliation and settlement, including signature capture for proof of delivery. Trans-Soft’s integration with eTrac provides customers with visibility of shipment status online, in real-time. Even drivers can be connected with the Wireless eTrac “point and click” dispatch tool.

Additional eTrac benefits include:

  • Reduced phone, fax and radio traffic
  • Elimination of manual data entry
  • Signature capture for proof of delivery
  • Accurate billing
  • Lower costs
  • Higher margins
  • Greater productivity
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased competitive edge

Unlike other tracking and tracing solutions, eTrac requires no capital outlay, no technical training and no disruption of current IT processes. The result is a payback that is almost immediate.

The Trans-Soft operating software applications, linked with eTrac, provide freight forwarders almost instantaneous alerts and status updates. Customers can track and trace their domestic shipments on a real-time basis. The TS2000Net product enables shippers to access and input information via the Web and TS2000 Plus provides easy online electronic billing. Dave Hockersmith, president of Trans-Soft, states: ‘This integrated software solution provides critical shipment data throughout the supply chain, creating greater shipment visibility, while reducing a user’s workload and providing true value-added operating services with the click of a mouse.”

“Trans-Soft has a very strong relationship with their freight forwarders, who are interested in maintaining state-of-the-art applications to run their business,” said David Leach, Chairman & CEO of Datatrac. “With Trans-Soft linked to our eTrac network, there is a significant joint value proposition to the freight forwarders that run Trans-Soft’s software.”