Brings small to mid-size carriers an economical dispatch service

TransCore, which combined both Canadian-based Link Logistics and DAT Services to operate North America’s largest freight matching logistics network, introduces OpsCenter for carriers, a comprehensive Web-based software application that combines TransCore’s LoadLink(R) freight matching, LinkDispatch(TM) management services, GlobalWave(R) satellite-based asset tracking services and ProMiles(R) mileage into a single, easy-to-access service. Carriers can book orders, find carriers, find freight, track their trucks, email their drivers, and process billings and payments from a single computer screen anywhere they have Web access.

A distinct advantage of OpsCenter is that it makes the use of multiple software applications obsolete. Less time is spent managing operations, tying data together or correcting mistakes that occur while switching between software programs. Since OpsCenter is a monthly pay-as-you-go Web application, users access the most recent version and have access to full service and support.

“Consistent with our strategy of enabling carriers to improve operational efficiency, this product offers a variety of essential services in a seamless application,” said John Worthington, president of TransCore. “So instead of having to purchase an assortment of products, a carrier can buy just one and have access to a range of services.”

OpsCenter user Tim Armstrong, president of Wheelking Freight Solutions, explains, “Having an integrated solution means that I can stay in one program, and I don’t have to worry about training my staff to use a variety of software packages.

“OpsCenter is accessible from anywhere. I travel all over North America and have been able to access my business from California, British Columbia, Ontario and Ohio.”