TransCore partners with PaperWise, one of the country’s leading document management services, and creates TransCore Imaging, a product line designed for small to mid-size brokers and carriers to integrate document imaging within TransCore’s Keypoint(R) transportation management software (TMS) as well as other TMS packages. The combination of technologies streamlines workflow, reduces piles of paper and accelerates payment reconciliation.

In an industry where margins are already tight, turnaround of invoice processing can be essential to a healthy bottom-line. In the past 18 years since imaging services were introduced to fleets, it has been predominantly limited to larger fleets because of the prohibitive cost. Now, this moderately priced service, as low as $195 per month, allows small to mid-size brokers and carriers to compete with larger competitors and level the playing field. By adding an imaging component, brokers and carriers can simplify a labor and paper intensive process, eliminate time spent shuffling and filing papers, or avoid complications from lost documents.

“Work that used to take two, three, or four days is now done by one person, in one day,” explained Rich Goldade, IT manager for Badger Express.

“TransCore’s alliance with PaperWise is another in our series of technology applications that demonstrate our commitment to providing integrated solutions to eliminate the inefficiencies in our customers’ processes ... and at price points that serve the broader cross-section of the fleet market,” said John Worthington, president of TransCore.