‘My Freight Rates’ service enables Brokers and Shippers to obtain easily the lowest rates from multiple parties from a single source while serving as a powerful marketing channel for 3PLs.

Transite Technology, a leading provider of transportation management solutions, technologies and services, has launched a ground-breaking new service, My Freight Rates, which aggregates the best rates from numerous 3PLs and enables brokers and shippers to easily access these rates for real-time shipments.

‘This delivers the absolute lowest rates to brokers and shippers while driving revenue for our 3PL partners,’ said Geoff Comrie, CEO of Transite. ‘While this is clearly a service to the industry, it’s fundamentally driven and made possible by Transite’s core technology.’

My Freight Rates aggregates rates from all participating 3PLs.‘When a broker or shipper needs a price, they access MFR and are delivered the lowest per shipment charges culled from the 3PLs. Transite developed new ‘AggreRater’ technology to mine all the 3PL data in real-time and then surface the least-cost prices to the broker or shipper.

‘3PLs have another source of revenue, and brokers and shippers get low prices in a simple, easy manner,’ said Comrie.’‘We have yet to do aggressive marketing but we already have participation from 3PLs such as Access America Transport, Custom Logistics and others.’