Translogistics handles shipping needs for one of largest gantry crane makers in US

B.E. Wallace Products, located in Frazer, PA, is one of the largest gantry crane makers in the country.

They are also a distributor of other various material handling equipment. The firm, which just recently achieved a milestone of a half-century in business, has a customer base of over 4,000 companies.

Wallace Products was looking for greater efficiency and cost savings in shipping its cranes to those customers throughout the US and Canada.

“We decided to outsource our shipping and selected Translogistics for the task,” stated Sherry de Carville, vice president. “It was a very good decision and enables us to concentrate on what we do best - manufacturing cranes.”

“We realized immediate benefits from using Translogistics,” added Bart Sunderland, sales manager at Wallace Products. One of those benefits is pre-shipment freight quotes. “We send Translogistics information including weight, dimensions, and total number of pieces per order,” Sunderland said. “They send us back a quote the same day, which allows us to invoice our customers immediately.”

Wallace Products operates out of 28,000 square feet of space, including warehouse, manufacturing and office space. The firm offers six different styles of gantry cranes encompassing hundreds of different models. The bulk of its business (about 85%) is in the manufacturing of portable gantry cranes. The company also manufactures Liftruk Kranes and Tripods and is a distributor of Jib cranes, Davit cranes, and accessories.

Wallace has realized significant cost savings on the shipments of its products as a result of services from Translogistics. “They negotiate long term contracts with the carriers, so we avoid any rate increases that would occur if we contracted directly with the carriers,” Sunderland said. “And their service after the shipment includes expediting deliveries and the handling of all freight claims, which is a huge timer saver for us.”

“The quality of service we get from Translogistics is excellent,” Sunderland said. “If a shipment should get lost, we just make one phone call to them and they do all the networking to find the piece and get it delivered.”