With this strategic move, the company hopes to capitalize on the changes in the European market in lieu of current Brexit restrictions taking place in the UK

Transmetrics, the frontrunner in predictive optimization company for the logistics industry, today announces the opening of it’s Amsterdam office with the aim to expand access to the local talent pool and better serve its European customers.

Transmetrics uses artificial intelligence technologies within a SaaS platform, pursuing a mission to dramatically improve the efficiency in the logistics industry. Providing solutions to optimize the daily operations of logistics organizations, Transmetrics aims to help its customers improve their financial performance. COVID-19 has positively impacted the growth of the company, as more and more businesses understand the benefits of AI.

Transmetrics has developed a unique approach for analyzing, modeling, and predicting various transport flows with very high accuracy. Using a state-of-the-art AI platform that is developed exclusively for logistics in shipping, the company is able to optimize transport planning by leveraging the power of machine learning and predictive analytics. Combining the strengths of humans and AI, Transmetrics is able to ensure the highest operational benefits and reduce the environmental impact of logistics.

Transmetrics is in a growth stage, and needing talent from the tech industry. The decision to expand into the Netherlands area was a logical step in the company’s business growth strategy.

The area is rich with diverse talent from well-known prestigious colleges and universities, as well as high-tech startups and Fortune 500 companies. In the Netherlands, the company has the opportunity to further expand staffing and capabilities, as well as increase their ability to service current and future markets.

“We’re so happy with this new branch in Amsterdam, one of Europe’s leading tech cities. It offers us access to a unique talent pool, and we also like a local presence to serve our customers better,” said Transmetrics’ CEO, Jon Fath.

The Dutch have long been known for their hand in the trade industry. The famous port of Rotterdam being the largest in Europe has helped the Netherlands to be a dominant global maritime and economic power since the 17th century.

In more modern times, Amsterdam’s tech sector is now worth €73Bn. With more startups per person than any other place in Europe, the city is becoming more and more relevant in the tech space. Amsterdam offers a unique talent pool that is both language and tech-savvy. Not to mention that the capital city also has a unique appeal of livability.

Over the last couple of years, Brexit has led a number of potential Transmetrics clients to relocate to other countries, all of which are close to the Netherlands. Having a dedicated office per region is especially important in shipping and logistics, and so it only makes sense to open a branch that is central to Western Europe.

“With our growing customer base in Western Europe, the stature of the Netherlands in the trade and shipping sphere, and finally the positive tech features offered in the capital city - moving an office to Amsterdam seemed like a natural fit,” says CEO Fath.

In the words of Marcel Wanders - “What’s special about Amsterdam is that the city is able to connect worlds that are not otherwise connected.”

Transmetrics hopes to play a small part in connecting Amsterdam’s history to modern times.