TranSystems, an industry leader in delivering transportation solutions across modes, sectors and disciplines to its clients in the shippers sector of the economy, announced its arrangement with The National Industrial Transportation League (NITL).

‘NITL is recognized as the premier shippers’ organization in the world; we couldn’t be happier that the League has permitted us to display its identification as we bring wide-ranging solutions to its members,’ said Brian Larson, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of TranSystems. ‘We combine a fundamental understanding of the supply chain and its facilities and processes with the ability to look strategically across the entire chain and provide trusted business counsel that should be of great value to the membership.’

John Ficker, president of NITL, noted that ‘few companies can compete with TranSystems’ command of the entire breadth of transportation expertise. Our members can tap into these resources directly as they address their transportation, supply chain and facility needs.’

‘The goods aren’t waiting,’ said Mr. Ficker, ‘and the pressures of a global manufacturing and supply economy have intensified the demands for the most efficient and best-fit supply chain solutions for all our members. NITL is pleased that TranSystems has offered to provide an array of services to NITL members.’

TranSystems’ subject matter expertise in the multiple modes of goods movement ’ freight rail, trucking, ports and shipping ’ puts it on track to identify and execute innovative solutions leveraging modal interoperability. Typical projects include multi-modal shipping facilities, marine and inland terminals, logistics-based business parks and regional terminals that connect multiple facilities with rail and other infrastructure.

Potential benefits to League members include:

  • Simulation modeling to give a better idea of the effectiveness of process changes or facility expansions under consideration.
  • Infrastructure design of rail, port, truck, air cargo and distribution centers.
  • Risk consulting, security design and value engineering and security program management for shippers and carriers alike.

The company further incorporates the broad discipline and business sector expertise inherent in the movement of goods, both inside and outside the warehouse or distribution center ‘box,’ including complete architectural and engineering services, site assessment and development, location analysis, warehouse handling systems, transportation analysis, energy efficiency analysis, and site/structural/civil services.

TranSystems also brings high level services such as simulation analysis, analytical modeling, operations analysis, market demand analysis and forecasting, supply chain process mapping, bulk ocean carrier economics, rail intermodal cost analysis, and right-of-way acquisition expertise to its clients. Security program design and risk, threat and vulnerability assessments are delivered at both the facility level and throughout the entire supply chain structure.