Elects new officers

Illinois’ Tri-City Regional Port District is preparing for another year of exciting growth under the guidance of a new slate of officers recently appointed by its Board of Commissioners. At the annual Port Board Meeting, Granite City residents Ed Hagnauer, Dr. Charles King, Jr., and Joseph Schuler were appointed as the new officers. They will work together with the other board members to promote additional investment and developments at the Port over the next year.

Hagnauer, who currently serves as mayor of Granite City, was appointed as chairman of the Board for the Port District; Schuler assumed the position of secretary, and King, who has held the positions of secretary and chairman for the Port, was appointed treasurer of the Board of Commissioners. In addition, several Port Board Members received renewal of their prior appointments, including Bob Wydra as Executive Director, John Papa as Legal Counsel and Charles Juneau as Port Engineer.

“We have a lot of exciting new developments planned, and we are on pace to increase the construction investment by approximately $200 million over the next year,” noted Hagnauer.  “I look forward to working with my fellow officers and board members and the exceptional staff at Tri-City Port to help promote the positive impact this operation continues to have on our economy and help to drive additional growth in the future.”

A recent, independent regional economic impact assessment shows that The Port District already is responsible for 1,347 jobs in Madison County, $66 million in payroll and state and local taxes of almost $10 million annually. It is looking to increase that regional impact by making needed expansions and improvements to its River’s Edge development. This year and for the next five years, visitors will see extensive infrastructure, transportation and industrial construction underway at the River’s Edge Complex.

  • Bissell Street is being repaved along with Wharf and “E” Street for $2.7 million;
  • The north loop rail track is being built for $2.4 million and will serve a planned $200 million ethanol plant;
  • First Street will be repaved for $2.4 million;
  • A new $12 million Mississippi River Harbor is currently under design;
  • A forced-air dome manufacturing plant to employ 40 people will be constructed this fall at an estimated investment of $5 million;
  • Additional south rail loop construction is planned for $8 million, and
  • New liquid and dry bulk transfer facilities estimated to cost $9 million each are now under design.

The Port’s activities include loading or unloading 2,500 barges each year; rail and truck bulk transfer facilities for agricultural products, steel, fertilizer and asphalt; foreign trade zone operations; commercial warehousing; industrial property development; office space leasing; recreational facilities and military-family housing, among other activities. The Port has 64 tenants or operating companies directly employing 750 employees, $73 million in assets and 400 military family members residing on its 1,200 acre River’s Edge property in Southwestern Madison County.