Shipping is thriving in Red Bank as Troy Container Line has more than doubled the size of its staff during the last three years, announced Owner and Chairman Michael Troy. In its 23rd year, Troy Container Line’s remarkable growth has enabled it to dramatically expand its roster of employees.

Troy Container Line provides LCL and Full Container shipping services to more than 500 ports and points around the world, with direct export service to hundreds of cities and direct consolidation services from cities across Europe, Asia, the Indian subcontinent, mainland China and South America to several US ports. The increased staff has allowed Troy Container Line to radically increase turnaround time for quotes, update the interactive website in real-time and reduce the response time for all questions and issues that arise.

‘Customer service is the foundation of our business,’ affirmed Mr. Troy. ‘When you call Troy Container Line, every one of our employees is trained and authorized to give rates and make decisions. In fact, we turn standard quotes around in an hour.’

Following up with customers is just as important, and a larger staff can handle more procedures faster, Mr. Troy noted. He also confirmed that his company is ‘the only consolidator that follows up on every shipment, making sure that every customer has received the appropriate arrival notice.’

The speed of the company’s service is impressive, and unprecedented in the shipping world. Bills of lading are released within four hours of sailing confirmation. Export clients are notified as soon as their cargo reaches a Troy Container Line warehouse, and given information on the condition of the cargo, the name of the vessel and its shipping schedule. Every import shipment is monitored via electronic tracking and tracing from the moment it’s booked. Customers can choose intermodal service and even door-to-door, one-bill service. Because the company considers all ports and trade lanes equally important, every customer receives the same high level of service regardless of the cargo’s destination. Troy Container Line also works ‘the longest day’ in the industry, with office hours from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. A state-of-the-art, Windows- and web-based network, which receives frequent enhancements to its proprietary software, provides sophisticated back-office support to the staff, and allows customers 24/7 access to schedules, bookings, confirmations, receipts, billing and many other functions. This is especially important for customers who ship worldwide, across multiple time zones. Troy Container Line considers its website an evolving entity, and invites customers to suggest changes that improve the online experience.

‘We prove ourselves with every shipment,’ said Mr. Troy. ‘Because of our staff and technology, our service is so seamless that you truly only realize how good we are if we have to solve a problem or meet an unusual challenge. From the beginning, customer service has powered our growth, leading us to offer all the services of a big company with the personal service of a small one. That focus continues today.