Trax Technologies (, the global leader in Transportation Spend Management (TSM) solutions, and, one of the industry’s largest freight marketplaces, announced a partnership today to help shippers, brokers and carriers work smarter together. This partnership will decrease time to onboard carriers with shippers and provides the opportunity to enhance rate and payment data, granting visibility into rate management and selection, shipper-carrier on-time payment and financial and data flow insights. ensures compliance and onboarding technology by lane, carrier and region, while Trax keeps carriers and shippers informed through end-to-end visibility and next-generation transportation spend management technology and service solutions.

“We are absolutely thrilled with this new partnership with, a key leader of carrier marketplace data and enablement,” said Josh Bouk, president and chief revenue officer, Trax. “Trax continues to transform the decades-old freight audit industry into global transportation spend management, delivering greater network resiliency, total cost optimization and improved sustainability via digitization and harmonization of broad sets of logistics data. This partnership accelerates those goals while simultaneously enabling more accurate and rapid deployments of logistics control tower strategies for enterprise shippers and carriers alike.”

“Visibility into rate selection is vital and making on-time payments and having working capital are essential to maintaining good business relationships,” said Chris Cassidy, executive vice president of global sales & strategic partnerships, Trax. “A goal of this partnership is to create value for shippers and carriers with joint solutions that improve carrier onboarding and rate management selection effectiveness by accessing real-time truckload market rate data. This is especially important during a time when shippers require solutions that enable them to maintain loyalty as the shipper of choice for their carriers.”
Encouraging clients to become a shipper of choice, Trax provides visibility for shippers who are auditing and paying for carrier services, while provides approved carriers with transparency into how much they are being paid for each load. Together, the partners are tackling supply chain challenges from opposite ends of the issue to meet in the middle, resulting in better shipper-carrier relationships and more solid business practices.

“This partnership with Trax further enables to continue delivering best-in-class technology solutions to the freight transportation industry,” said Craig Varljen, vice president of partnerships and alliances, “ delivers software solutions that support the entire freight lifecycle, from carrier sourcing and onboarding, through freight matching, monitoring and payments, keeping carriers, brokers and shippers fully connected and informed. It’s a win for carriers and shippers.”