Atlasjet, an unlisted discount Turkish airline, said it was investing $110 million to form a company in the Russian aviation sector.

The joint venture with NPO Mostovik, a Russian builder, and the Omsk governorate will include a passenger airline service and the construction of an international airport with a cargo terminal, Atlasjet said in an e-mailed statement.

Flights will begin in May 2011, while the Omsk-Fedorovka International Airport will open in 2013, it said.

The airport will initially have a capacity of 1 million passengers, which could be expanded depending on future demand, the statement said.

Omsk is in southwestern Siberia. Istanbul-based Atlasjet said the location places the airport close to other markets.

“Omsk is located in a region close to Kazakhstan, which raises the importance of the cargo terminal. A railroad that ties Russia with China to the east and Europe to the west and goes through the airport is part of the project,” it said.

Atlasjet is owned by Oger Holdings and operates domestic and international passenger flights to Europe, Egypt, Armenia, Iran, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates and northern Iraq. (Reuters)