Union Pacific Railroad recently joined a key lineup of preferred suppliers that Ford Motor Company calls its Aligned Business Framework (ABF). Developed in 2005, ABF aims to increase engagement and collaboration with Ford’s most strategic partners.

“This recognition is a testament to Union Pacific’s customer focus and commitment to providing value to Ford by safely and efficiently transporting its finished vehicles and production parts,” said Linda Brandl, Union Pacific’s vice president-Automotive. “We are excited to further collaborate and create value for Ford and its customers by increasing transparency, communication, collaboration and trust.”

An additional benefit of ABF is the ability to increase scale and meet capacity needs. In 2013, Ford sourced 65 percent of its global production business to ABF suppliers, up from 34 percent during the first year of the initiative.

Union Pacific’s rail network serves customers in the finished vehicle and production/aftermarket parts sectors, directly accessing five finished vehicle assembly plants and operating or accessing more than 40 vehicle distribution centers. Union Pacific’s customer base includes nearly all major automotive manufacturers producing finished vehicles for the North American market, along with suppliers and other auto parts supply chain partners.