Union Pacific Railroad has begun construction on a multi-million dollar project that will extend a second rail line through Sugar Land, Stafford and Missouri City, Texas, as part of an overall plan to improve train operating efficiency.

Six new track miles are being installed from Ulrich Street to Gessner Road in Missouri City. The first construction phase will involve preparation activities inside Union Pacific’s existing right of way requiring temporary railroad crossing closures. The second construction phase, slated to begin in 2015, will be the track installation. This phase also will require temporary crossing closures.

Union Pacific will meet regularly with local officials to keep the community informed of construction progress, scheduled closures and alternative routes. Additionally, message boards will be placed to notify drivers of upcoming closures approximately two weeks in advance.

The following closures are scheduled:

Wood Street: August 14-25

Brooks Street: August 25 - September 8

Ulrich Street: September 8-22

Main Street: September 22 - October 8

Additional closures required during construction will be announced by Union Pacific once they are scheduled.

“This project is an indication of growth and economic development,” said Brenda Mainwaring, Union Pacific vice president-Public Affairs, Southern Region. “This capacity expansion project will allow us to serve our customers more effectively and should have a positive impact on the community by improving our operating efficiency.”

Safety measures will be implemented during construction. Directional wayside horns mounted at crossing sites will remain in place and operational; however, approaching trains will be required to sound bells and horns while crews are on the work site. Sounding train horns under these circumstances is mandated by railroad operating rules and is not considered a violation of quiet zone regulation. Given that the work is expected to take place between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m., train horns should not sound overnight. This may change, should circumstances require work to continue at night. The public should pay close attention to all permanent and temporary warning signs at crossings, and maximize safety while the project is underway.