Union Pacific has announced an agreement to transfer its BulkTainer’ Service to ChemLogix, LLC. ChemLogix, a leading provider of logistics strategy and solutions to the chemical industry, will become the sole provider of BulkTainer Services to customers and Union Pacific will continue to provide rail transportation services for BulkTainers.

BulkTainers are types of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) intermodal tanks used for the long distance transportation of bulk liquids that combines the reliability of truck with the long-haul safety and efficiency of rail travel. The agreement is not expected to result in a change of the BulkTainer Services offered to customers.

This is a win-win opportunity that will enable Union Pacific to focus on its core competency as a rail services provider and continue to provide BulkTainer customers with an intermodal alternative for long-haul tank truck shipments,’ said Diane Duren, vice president and general manager, chemicals for Union Pacific Railroad.

‘We are excited about the opportunity to add the BulkTainer product to the ChemLogix portfolio of transportation services. By combining BulkTainer Services with our technology enhancements, our product offering will meet and exceed the current and future needs of the chemical industry with regards to safety, service, environmental stewardship and cost effectiveness,’ said Steve Hamilton, president and CEO of ChemLogix.