Carload Solutions Group Offers Shippers Customized Logistics Choices

Union Pacific Distribution Services (UPDS) announced the formation of a new business unit called the Carload Solutions Group. The new business unit reflects the integration of UPDS’ s OnePlus Transload Services and Rail Shipment Management Business Departments into a cohesive unit that will provide shippers a suite of customizable logistics solutions.

“For years, UPDS has been the industry leader in providing both transloading and logistics solutions to carload shippers,” said Beth Whited, president UPDS. “Combining multiple product offerings into a single business unit affords us the opportunity to add a higher level of customized logistics services for our customers.”

The new Carload Solutions Group will support critical aspects of a customers’ supply chain, including transload management, forward inventory management and distribution, rail shipment management, in-transit visibility (including inventory), logistics network design, forecast management, outsourced carload transportation management, transportation systems integration, enterprise resource planning and private rail asset management.

With the combined material-handling expertise developed over the past 20 years in the Transload Services Business Unit and the tactical supply chain management and execution provided for more than 200,000 carloads per year in rail shipment management, carload customers now have their choice of a broad range of logistics solutions.

Union Pacific Distribution services (UPDS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Union Pacific specializing in the design and execution of rail-based logistics programs. Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, UPDS provides seamless door-

to-door transportation products by combining the economies of long-haul rail service with the flexibility of over the road movements.