USF Holland, an operating unit of YRC Regional Transportation, has accelerated delivery times between cities on thirteen lanes. The lane pairs that have been upgraded to next-day delivery are:

  • Charlotte, NC to and from Evansville, IN, Fort Wayne, IN and Indianapolis, IN
  • Fort Wayne, IN to and from Chattanooga, TN, Greensboro, NC and Harrisburg, PA
  • Greensboro, NC to and from Detroit, MI, Toledo, OH and Indianapolis, IN
  • Indianapolis, IN to and from Harrisburg, PA
  • Raleigh, NC to and from Louisville, KY
  • South Bend, IN to and from Harrisburg, PA and Chattanooga, TN

Customers look to USF Holland for reliable next-day delivery. These lanes were upgraded earlier this year and monitored for consistent on-time delivery.

With a record of nearly 100% on-time deliveries, these long distance next-day lanes provide customers a unique opportunity to accelerate shipments in their supply chain.

‘USF Holland has built its reputation on extremely reliable, claim-free next-day service,’ said John O’Sullivan, President of USF Holland. ‘Upgrading these lanes to next-day delivery is the most effective way for our customers to benefit from a ‘USF Holland level’ of service.’

With nearly 70% of its customers shipments delivered next-day, the company has more next-day lanes within its operating area than any other transportation company with comparable coverage. Shippers in cities like Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh can now take advantage of next-day delivery into the Midwest that is unmatched by most carriers.

YRC Regional Transportation is comprised of USF Holland, USF Reddaway, USF Glen Moore and New Penn. Together, the YRC Regional Transportation companies deliver nationwide services in the next-day, second-day and time-sensitive markets, which are among the fastest-growing transportation segments.