New Breed Logistics, Inc., based in High Point, North Carolina, announced that it has been selected by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to operate the Surface Transfer Center (STC) in Salt Lake City, Utah. New Breed will provide terminal handling services in support of domestic mail that is transported through the Salt Lake City STC. New Breed was awarded this contract based on the company’s track record of performance, flexibility, low cost solutions and long-term relationship with the USPS. New Breed currently manages six (6) other operations for the USPS, five (5) Mail Transport Equipment Service Centers (MTESCs) located throughout the US and one (1) Mail Consolidation Center (MCC) in Omaha, NE.

Under this contract, New Breed will receive, sort, consolidate, load and dispatch varying types of mail for the USPS. Due to the nature of the product there are very short processing times, some as low as one half hour from the time the product is received to the time it is available to be dispatched to its final destination.

Dennis Hunt, New Breed’s Executive Vice President of Government Services, commented, “We are proud and excited to be selected as the provider of choice for the USPS once again. The award of the STC program in Salt Lake City illustrates our commitment to the United States Postal Service and validates our ability to provide proven, low cost solutions to our valued clients.

New Breed will establish a facility in Salt Lake City to support this operation.