UTair Finance, a subsidiary of UTair Aviation, has paid off its bonds series B0-03.

The total par value of the bonds amounted to 1.5 bln rubles, has been disbursed over the last of twelve coupons and completes the company’s obligations to shareholders.
The total income value paid out for the bonds during the circulation period reached 424,080,000 rubles.

UTair Finance Officer Igor Petrov said that over many years of debt financing the company has earned a reputation as a reliable obligor, offering investors high quality securities with an attractive level of profitability. “Timely pay off of the bond issue is the evidence of our
airline’s high potential, creditworthiness and responsible approach to our business and development strategy,” he explained.

UTair Finance series BO-03 bonds were placed on the Moscow Exchange in December 2010 with Region Bank as a joint runner of
the bond issue.

UTair Finance is an active player on the bond market. At present UTair Finance has 12 bond issues in circulation totaling 17.5 bln rubles.

UTair Finance is a subsidiary of UTair Aviation founded to develop and implement investment programs for UTair Aviation, the guarantor of its securities. The company has successfully issued 18 bond series. All UTair Finance securities are listed on the A1 quotation list of the exchanges where they are traded. The company has an A+ credit rating, indicating a very high credit quality with stable outlook according to the Expert RA rating agency.

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