UTair Aviation professionals from a variety of specializations were recognized with Best in Profession awards at the annual Helicopter Association International event.

Mil Mi-8 aircraft captain Gennady Bobkov won the “Pilot of the Year” award. Igor Kozhevnikov, head of the Helicopter Airworthiness Control and Modernization Department at the UTair Aviation Technical Directorate was recognized in the “Engineer” category.

Gennady Bobkov has been part of UTair team for 34 years and is an experienced pilot with more than 22,000 logged flight hours. During his work at UTair he has flown in a number of aviation missions for the UN and has been selected by the Russian Ministry of Transport for the “Aviation Excellence” award.

In 2013, Igor Kozhevnikov successfully carried out a project for installing new equipment in 27 Mil Mi-8AMT/MTV-1 helicopters, including Garmin GTN-750 avionics systems with satellite navigation, VOR/ILS short range navigation system, 118-138 MHz transceivers and ST-3400H terrain awareness and warning systems. These modifications have allowed UTair to take part in tenders held by the UN and secure contracts for aviation works abroad.

Every year UTair employees receive numerous international and domestic aviation awards. In 2013, Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft captain Evgeny Setin and senior flight instructor Sergey Shtefan were recognized by the Ulyanovsk Region government with annual civil aviation award.

More than 180 UTair employees received industrial and corporate awards, certificates and medals in 2013. UTair employs eight pilots who have been recognized with the “Meritorious Pilot of the Russian Federation” award and one employee who has been named Hero of the Russian Federation.