The Executive Management Team of UTC Overseas has named Mirko Knezevic to the newly created position of Global Chief Operating Officer. He previously served as Executive Vice President of the firm, a global leader in international freight management and cargo logistics. The decision was made at a recent London meeting of the company’s global management team.

As a member of the Executive Management team, Knezevic played a key role in management of UTC Overseas’ global office network during the earlier phases of its growth. His skills and experience in that effort were cited in his selection to the new position.

“As Global COO, Knezevic will oversee the company’s organization and make continuing assessments and recommendations that strengthen our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to customer needs,” noted Brian Posthumus, President and CEO of UTC Overseas. “Key to that effort will be a focus on communication – both internally, and with our customers.

“UTC Overseas today operates 55 offices in 33 countries, and employs over 600 highly-skilled and experienced personnel. That represents a more than ten-fold growth over the past decade. Knezevic’s task will be to manage our future growth through efficient national and regional organization. He will also coordinate the operations of functional teams within the company to better focus our expertise in market sectors ranging from power generation to heavy equipment, oil and gas, the canning industry, steel, mining and cement plants. That, in turn, will enhance our ability to respond to and serve the needs of our customers. His demonstrated skills and wide-ranging experience make him an ideal choice for this new position.”

Knezevic began his working career in project cargo logistics 30 years ago in Hamburg, Germany where he obtained a degree and initial apprenticeship in freight forwarding. Five years later he moved to the US, rising to a senior management position in charge of East Coast operations for a German-based logistics firm.

He joined UTC Overseas in 1998, and from 2002 to 2010 was stationed in Brazil, overseeing major project cargo logistics assignments throughout South and Central America.

Knezevic is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Croatian languages and has a working knowledge of Russian.