Erudite, Inc., a technology innovator in cargo security and counter-terrorism technology, and VeriTainer Corporation, the world leader in crane mounted maritime security solutions, announced today that they are teaming up to deploy Synchronous Vibrational Cargo Imaging™ (SVCI) to safely detect nuclear shielding materials hidden in cargo containers. The powerful combination of VeriTainer’s patented VeriSpreader crane mounted scanning solution and Erudite’s SVCI brings together two unique, safe, and highly effective homeland security technologies to protect the world’s ports by detecting nuclear materials hidden in cargo containers.

VeriTainer and Erudite have formed an exclusive partnership whereby they will combine their revolutionary technologies to maintain an efficient and cost effective flow of commerce in the world’s shipping marketplace. VeriTainer will market Erudite’s SVCI worldwide as an integral part of its VeriSpreader radiation detection system.

“Erudite’s synchronous vibrational cargo imaging (SVCI) technology will be seamlessly integrated into the VeriSpreader system, the only field-tested solution of its kind, allowing for a clear and redundant confirmation of whether a container has nuclear material inside,” stated Dr. Les Atlas, acoustics authority and professor at the University of Washington. “SVCI acoustic technology, when fully deployed, will be able to create a footprint of the materials contained within a container,” “In addition to shielding determination, this may permit us to compare the container’s contents to the shipping manifest and determine whether unauthorized materials are on board,” Atlas continued.

“With SVCI acoustic technology, no one will need to worry that nuclear materials, hidden within high-density shielding materials, are making their way onto our shores,” said Erudite CEO John Anderson.

“Adding Erudite’s SVCI technology provides shippers, carriers, ports, customs and homeland security organizations with an undisputed, independent confirmation of our detection results. The cooperative development of this technology further solidifies VeriTainer’s place as the world-class innovator of maritime security solutions,” said VeriTainer CEO John I. Alioto.

SVCI is a new technique for Non-Intrusive Interrogation / Imaging (NII), but unlike active radioactive-scanning methods like x-ray, muon, and gamma-ray systems, SVCI uses safe, non-ionizing, acoustic energy to find high-density materials. It is the only NII method for detecting nuclear shielding material that does not require containers and port personnel to be exposed to harmful ionizing radiation. Just as seamlessly as VeriTainer’s VeriSpreader scans containers moving to and from cargo ships, Erudite’s SVCI technology and its non-intrusive footprint will be totally automated, will not require additional personnel, will not impede cargo velocity, and will not require the allocation of additional space for vitalized equipment.