Vigillo LLC announced the availability of its web based platform for the delivery of policies, forms, training, assessments, and management reports at the American Trucking Association’s National Accounting and Finance Council’s Annual Meeting and Exhibition Forum. Designed to meet the needs of the trucking industry, the Software as a Service (SaaS) application organizes and monitors the policies, forms, training, assessments and reports needed to prepare for, and respond to, the risks associated with operating one of the riskiest, litigation-prone businesses in the country.

“Trucking presents many unique risk management challenges,” said Steven G. Bryan, CEO of Vigillo. “Our web-based, software helps lower operating costs by helping managers better prepare and respond to accidents, litigation, audits, and insurance renewals”.

“The Vigillo System helps firms eliminate the mountains of compliance related paperwork, and effectively prepare and respond to incidents and audits, Bryan adds. “We reduce risks, save time, and help improve the bottom line.” Everything from inadequate training to audits and active litigation is covered by our system. Vigillo customers reduce their risks by having the ability to respond better and faster to litigation, accidents, audits and insurance reviews.”

“Improperly handled accidents, higher insurance premiums, and sloppy audits cost companies an unbelievable amount of wasted time and money,” explains Bryan. “Through education, preparation and response, these unnecessary headaches can be avoided.”

Safety and Risk Management are the responsibility of every employee in trucking firms and the customizable Vigillo System makes it easy for every employee to acknowledge policy changes, file forms, and get trained on specific topics. Great Quality of Service and outstanding safety records come from participation by all employees. The Vigillo System makes involving all employees easier, more effective, and measurable.

The Vigillo system reduces the time-consuming tasks involved in preparing compliance documentation and organizes policies, forms, procedures, training and workflow. Response to risk events is automated through the production of a Response Portfolio containing all appropriate documentation required for the event.

Vigillo has already begun testing its risk management system at several pilot accounts, including private fleets and distribution carriers ranging in size from 400 to 4,000 employees.