John LLoyd - Virgin Atlantic Cargo
John LLoyd - Virgin Atlantic Cargo

Virgin Atlantic Cargo is the first British airline to accept the new SENTRY FlightSafe tracking device on its aircraft, enabling customers moving vulnerable and valuable shipments to monitor the location and environmental conditions of their cargo on the ground and in the air in real-time.

The device has been developed by OnAsset Intelligence Inc., the market leader in machine-to-machine airborne asset tracking solutions.

John Lloyd, Director of Cargo at Virgin Atlantic, said: “Customers can already track their cargo shipments with us via our website but we are always looking to provide other choices that increase the benefits we offer. Our high service levels and reliability means freight forwarders and courier companies regularly choose Virgin Atlantic to deliver high value and sensitive cargo so enabling them to use SENTRY FlightSafe means they can now give their own customers real-time information on the status of their shipment throughout its entire journey with us.”

With its real-time capabilities at all points in the supply-chain, SENTRY FlightSafe provides stakeholders with critical data that enables them to intervene to reduce or eliminate loss related to the integrity of the cargo. A highly-advanced wireless tracking device, the SENTRY FlightSafe includes multiple sensors such as temperature, humidity, pressure, shock, location and vibration with an additional feature, FlightSafe®. This feature enables the device to use multiple modes of sensing and proprietary logic to automatically turn off its wireless transmitting radios to ensure safe and regulatory compliant operation throughout the duration of flight. The device is the only cellular-based, GPS sensing device with a patented feature for automatic radio off mode that requires no human intervention to operate it.

Virgin Atlantic Cargo approved SENTRY FlightSafe for use onboard its aircraft following rigorous testing by the airline’s Engineering and Cargo Operations teams.

“Approval from Virgin Atlantic Airways delivers an important increase in SENTRY-enabled air cargo capacity serving the global market from Europe,” says Adam Crossno, President and CEO of OnAsset. “We are extremely pleased to receive approval and even more so, to announce that customers can ship cargo with FlightSafe on many new routes.”

“OnAsset is a leader in cutting-edge tracking solutions in the airline industry,” said Paul Rodwell, the company’s Head of International Business Development. “The number of operators working with OnAsset to approve SENTRY FlightSafe is extensive and we attribute that success to the FlightSafe feature and OnAsset’s extensive experience in delivering the safest possible operation on aircraft.”