DynCorp provides support to U.S. Government contracts, including logistics support in cooperation with Volga-Dnepr as its carrier and logistics provider of choice.The timely arrival in Huntsville of the Volga-Dnepr AN-124 cargo aircraft with its latest helicopter delivery for DynCorp enabled the airline to give its high level audience a demonstration of the AN-124’s efficient unloading capability. Guests were also invited to see the freighter’s cargo cabin and flight deck and Volga-Dnepr executives were on hand to answer questions about the aircraft.

The visit provided a perfect opportunity to showcase the longstanding working partnership between DynCorp International and Volga-Dnepr Airlines and was also attended by senior executives from DynCorp. “This was a very important press event for our new hangar facility, and Volga-Dnepr made it all possible. The support and professionalism provided by Volga-Dnepr personnel and air and technical crews helped DynCorp showcase their expertise and services to a very high level of influential leaders. It was truly a huge success. We look forward to working with Volga-Dnepr again,” commented DynCorp leaders.

Sergey Reznikov, Vice President, Volga-Dnepr Unique Air Cargo, said: “We were delighted to have this opportunity to support the opening on DynCorp International’s new hangar facility in Huntsville and to showcase our logistics capability, which plays an important role in DynCorp’s various helicopter programmes. We parked the AN-124 just outside DynCorp’s hangar where invited guests and dignitaries were attending the opening ceremony, providing a great backdrop for the event.”​