The Virginia Port Authority (VPA) announced that Savi Networks will install Radio Frequency Identification-based (RFID) technology this fall at the VPA’s terminals to further enhance the security and efficiency of cargo container shipments.

Under an agreement signed Aug. 22, with the VPA, Savi Networks will deploy a system compatible with international standards (ISO18000-7) at Norfolk International Terminals, Newport News Marine Terminal and Portsmouth Marine Terminal; all three terminals are owned by the VPA and operated by its private operating company. The network automatically tracks the location and security status of RFID-tagged containers. SaviTrak’, the company’s web-based managed information service, will be utilized to deliver real-time information collected by the network infrastructure.

‘In an era of heightened security concerns, we’re glad to help Savi employ its technology at our terminals,’ said J. Robert Bray, VPA’s executive director.

Savi Networks, a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and Hutchison Port Holdings, has similar agreements with a number of major port authorities and terminal operators worldwide who are participating in the development of the company’s global information network.

‘With strategically important intermodal facilities on the US East Coast, we’re delighted that the Virginia Port Authority will be part of our growing global network for monitoring cargo shipments in real-time,’ said Lani Fritts, chief operating officer of Savi Networks. ‘We have similar agreements to build our infrastructure with port authorities and operators that manage more than 75 terminals around the world.’

The SaviTrak information service is integrated with an open technology platform that receives and processes real-time data feeds from standards-based RFID technologies as well as other Automatic Identification and Data Collection (AIDC) technologies, such as barcodes, EPC-compliant passive and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) used to track ships and trucks transporting ocean containers.

Also, Lockheed Martin has been collaborating with the intermodal industry to better understand and develop solutions to address the myriad security needs across the global supply chain. VPA was a participant in an industry workshop, held at the Lockheed Martin’s Center for Innovation in Suffolk, VA, in June, which specifically addressed the issues surrounding integrated domain awareness, port security and Secure Freight.