Projects significant annual savings

ALK Technologies announced Ward Trucking has added two new applications to its suite of ALK solutions. Ward has implemented ALK’|FleetSuite’ Tolls and PC*MILER’|Streets for use by all three of its operating divisions: Ward Trucking, Ward Truckload Express and Forward Logistics.

Ward has been a PC*MILER customer for five years. ALK is the leading developer of industry standard routing, mileage and mapping software, including its flagship product, PC*MILER. PC*MILER is business-essential software that provides the most accurate truck-specific routing. It’s used by motor carriers, private fleets, shippers and logistics companies to plan loads, pay drivers, and calculate freight charges.

Ward Truckload Express, one of Ward’s trucking divisions, operates 160 power units serving the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest regions of the US.

‘With the new tolls and street-level routing software, we will be sending optimized routes to drivers over our GeoLogic Solutions mobile communications system,’ said Mike Zupon, director of management information systems.

Zupon said the ALK|FleetSuite Tolls and PC*MILER|Streets software will save Ward Truckload Express approximately $50,000 annually. Ward Trucking, the long-established less-than-truckload division, serves the Middle Atlantic States from 20 service centers with a fleet of 450 trucks. The LTL operation uses PC*MILER|Streets for accurate state fuel tax reporting and more.

‘We also use it for our zoned costing system,’ Zupon said. ‘We figure out mileage from a service center to different delivery points and use that in formulating costing information.’ PC*MILER|Streets takes routing and mileage accuracy to levels of detail that yield measurable returns.

According to Mike Euker, director of line haul, by using both ALK|FleetSuite Tolls and PC*MILER|Streets to optimize line haul routes Ward will realize savings of more than $100,000 a year. ‘Line haul runs add up. It’s amazing how a nip here and a tuck there will add up,’ said Zupon.

In addition to optimizing line haul routes, PC*MILER|Streets provides directions for Ward’s truckload drivers to delivery and pickup locations once they have left the Interstates.

According to Ed Siciliano, ALK’s vice president, sales and marketing, there is a growing need among fleets for more precise information to optimize operations, costing and more. ‘For example, Ward is a forward-looking company using PC*MILER|Streets for more than the obvious ability to route drivers dock-to-dock, but also for more precise tax reporting, route planning and costing,’ Siciliano said.

‘Toll costs are rising significantly and many more toll roads are being proposed. Fleets increasingly need exact toll costs for credible quotes, selecting the best routes and reconciling expenses,’ he said. ALK|FleetSuite Tolls provides pinpoint toll accuracy for rate quotes, billing and driver settlement. It features a constantly updated database which provides accurate information from 110 toll and government entities in 30 states. It includes 17 toll discount programs such as EZ Tag, E-ZPass, Cruise Card and SunPass. Users can also select the criteria necessary for an accurate toll amount ’ the number of axles on the unit, for example, and in some cases, the time of day.