Wavetrend, a world leader in the deployment of active RFID solutions, announced that it has joined the International Air Transport Association’s Strategic Partnerships program. As a Strategic Partner, Wavetrend will be able to participate in IATA projects, committee meetings and work groups, sharing its active RFID expertise and working closely with the leading air transportation industry players.

IATA is the air transport industry’s global trade organization. Its members comprise more than 250 airlines and represent 94% of international scheduled air traffic. The IATA Strategic Partnerships program is the primary vehicle through which suppliers and service providers to the air transport industry interact with IATA and its member airlines in the development of industry solutions and their implementation.

“We believe active RFID technology can deliver significant value to the air transportation industry,” said Saleem Miyan, Vice President Global Sales, Marketing & Professional Services of Wavetrend. “Our vertical focus on the airline and transportation industries is a key market differentiator for Wavetrend. We are extremely pleased to be a part of the Strategic Partnerships program, and we look forward to collaborating closely with IATA and jointly developing Active RFID solutions for the airline industry.”

IATA has conducted a number of RFID trials using passive technology and is preparing to launch new pilots based on active RFID technology. Wavetrend is currently working on two projects with IATA and IATA members, which will showcase and provide a blueprint for mass adoption of active RFID technology in specific vertical applications.

“Through our participation in the IATA Strategic Partnerships program, our customers will now benefit through the development of new applications that leverage Wavetrend’s technology leadership in Active RFID,” Miyan concluded. “Our internationally established channel partners will similarly be able to strengthen their exposure into this rapidly growing industry segment.”