Weber Distribution, a leading third party logistics and supply chain management provider, celebrates its 85th anniversary this year. This marks the company as one of the longest operating privately held third party logistics providers in the industry today, while continuing to expand its service offerings with supply chain modeling and network optimization solutions.

In 1924 Weber Distribution began its operations as a single warehouse and trucking company and today it is a full service, complete logistics provider offering contract logistics, shared facility warehousing, nationwide LTL and TL services, freight management, and transloading/cross docking, along with a wide-variety of value-added services such as pick-pack, packaging, light assembly and full automation. Weber specializes in working with importers, retailers, food, beverage and CPG companies, and chemical and paper manufacturers.

‘We have longevity and a solid reputation in the markets we service, which is always a positive for customers, especially in these challenging economic times,’ said Bill Butler, Weber’s president and CEO. ‘Many logistics and transportation companies have merged or have been acquired by other businesses as a result of insufficient funding, but we have continued to invest in our employees, new technologies and innovative and value-added services for our customers.’

‘The 3PLs who are surviving and even thriving in this economy have an industry knowledge that allows them to expand their existing solutions and find new ways to service their customers such as with supply chain modeling, network optimization and other value added strategies,’ said Butler. ‘Because of Weber’s staying power in the market, many manufacturers have recently looked to us for non-traditional services to save them money and improve cash flow.’

One such customer is California Innovations who recently asked Weber to assemble its product at Weber’s Fontana, California-based facility.

‘We have peace of mind with Weber,’ said Carlos Garrido, California Innovations’ director of operations (logistics & distribution). ‘They have been in the business a long time which is indicative of their ability to adapt and prosper in the 3PL industry. Their 85 years gives us the confidence that we are partnering with someone who is not a fly-by-night operation.’

Butler said that Weber has also worked hard to create a stable working environment for its employees, even in tough times. ‘This offers a tremendous advantage to our customers because from warehousing to customer service to drivers to senior management, we have employees who have been with Weber for 15, 20, even 30 years.’

As a result, Weber has been doing business with many of its customers for more than a decade, including VONS/Safeway (20 years), Arkema Inc. (18 years), ISP (18 years), Capsugel (12 years), Agfa (10 years), Franklin Industries (10 years), Georgia Pacific Resins (10 years), Huntsman (10 years), Ocean Spray (15 years), PPG (10 years), Airgas, Inc. (10 years), Regent Sports (10 years), and various divisions of Coca-Cola (10 years).