For a company that began by hauling wagon wheels and bedsprings in a single wagon in 1907, this year marks a momentous occasion. West Motor Freight recognizes a century of growth, experience and financial stability in the transportation and logistics industry.

West Motor, a truckload and special services trucking division of The Evans Network of Companies, has come a long way in its century-long history to now operating a large fleet of tractors in the eastern US.

Of the approximately 360,000 trucking companies in the US, West Motor is one of the oldest and most experienced. “The company’s long-running history of top-quality service is one of the reasons we added West Motor to our growing network,” said Albert “Bert” L. Evans, Jr., president and CEO of Evans Network. “At the time of acquisition in 1988, the company’s revenue was $8 million. This year we are forecasting $40 million.”

Matthew “Bo” Bates, executive vice president of Evans Network and CEO of West Motor said, “We’re proud to recognize this milestone in partnership with our customers, who rely on us day-in and day-out to deliver the best service.” Bates continued, “Our commitment to quality extends from our drivers and agents to our customers and the community.”

Phillip Jesse West, born in England in 1884, established West Motor in 1907. West started his freight company with horses and a single wagon in West Chester, PA, which eventually expanded to the Pottstown and Boyertown regions. West’s son, Winfield, purchased the company’s first two trucks in 1930, expanding service from the east coast to the west coast of the US

Evans bought West Motor in the late 1980s, changing the company’s focus from a transcontinental service provider to a regional carrier. This allowed West Motor to build on its growing retail customer base.

According to Bob Petruzzi, president of West Motor, “The secret to West’s success is abiding by our core value of always doing the right thing. Our turnover rate is significantly lower than industry average illustrating our core value greatly affects the heart of our operation.” The industry’s 12-month average for driver turnover is more than 100%, according to industry analysts. West Motor’s turnover rate is only 36%.

West Motor provides truckload and flatbed transportation services for shipping customers who require a high level of service.