Western Express, a top-tier, asset-based truckload carrier, and Platform Science, a leading connected vehicle platform, today announced a partnership to roll out Platform Science's open IoT technology to Western Express’ fleet of 3,000 trucks.

Western Express chose Platform Science to help improve and modernize its overall driver experience and to support the Western Express mission of serving the needs of its customers through innovative transportation solutions. The fleet will utilize the full Platform Science suite of products, enabling operational efficiencies and data sharing through one centralized platform.

“Over the road trucking is all about optimizing the end-to-end movement of freight, looking for any opportunity to make things faster and cost effective while reducing errors along the way,” said Darrin Demchuk, VP, Fleet Solutions at Platform Science. “By partnering with a leading OTR fleet like Western Express, we have been able to see how Platform Science’s productivity and compliance products can be utilized to take the driver experience to the next level and truly drive up efficiencies for a fleet. We look forward to continuing our partnership of innovation and efficiency development with Western Express, with our own fleet solutions as well as through their use of any additional partner solutions found in our ever expanding marketplace.”

Western Express will have access to the full Platform Science solution suite, which includes solutions for compliance, productivity, navigation, and safety, in addition to the PS marketplace of best-in-class solutions from third-party app providers. In addition to being able to easily deploy new applications and services through the platform, Western Express will manage its apps and devices with Platform Science Remote Platform Management (RPM), the only fleet mobile device manager (MDM) developed for the transportation industry.

For optimal efficiency, Western Express has also integrated its own internally developed driver app onto the platform, which lets drivers see their upcoming loads, pay stubs, and complete paperwork, not only from their phones at home, but also from their Platform Science device right in the truck. Platform Science worked with Western Express to integrate its driver app onto the platform and to power over the air deployment of its app to 100% of the drivers in its fleet. This integration is a prime example of how fleets can improve drivers’ lives by offering them apps that could be accessed anywhere.

“Platform Science has helped streamline our operations, offering unprecedented flexibility in how we manage our technologies,” said Nicholas Brooks, VP of Technology and Marketing at Western Express. “The increased efficiency and valuable data we’ve gained from Platform Science is already making an impact on our drivers and our business, and we look forward to continuing our partnership to ensure our customers are equipped with the most future-proof technology and resources.”