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Interested to know why Zippy Shell is one of the most successful moving and storage franchises in the US? Here is a short article covering the basics.

Zippy Shell has got you covered whether you are looking for trustworthy movers or extra safe storage units. For starters, Zippy Shell has a long track record of successful collaborations with many satisfied customers all across the country. Recently, shipping delays have shaken up the supply chain for many products, stunting the growth of US commerce since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, you will be happy to hear Zippy Shell is still holding up its operations seamlessly. Despite the odds.

Reasons why Zippy Shell is one of the most successful moving and storage franchises in the US

Zippy Shell’s road to success has been paved by its commensurate understanding of how moving and storage services for each sector they enter need to function. This brought about the unprecedented growth of its revenue and influence back in 2017. Also, Zippy Shell has since accomplished an important business agenda of extending its geographical coverage to more than 150 territories. This is another reason they have made such rapid, exceptional progress within the moving and storage industries worldwide.

In fact, you have probably noticed its trademark blue shell and crate container system on numerous occasions. Add to that their extensive effort to innovate their equipment procurement in 2021, and you have stumbled upon a true leader among the moving and storage franchises in the US. So, whether you are looking for Orange County-based experts or NYC-based portable storage or moving services team, Zippy Shell has got your back all across the US.

storage units in different colors
Zippy Shell storage franchises in the US are very successful.

A short introduction to Zippy Shell

Founded in Australia way back in 2007, Zippy Shell did not open its US franchise until 2010. Their success lies in their efforts to streamline the moving and storage service into one simple and effective business model. On the one hand, you have access to practical and secure portable personal storage. On the other hand, you can hire responsible and perhaps even more crucially - highly responsive movers.

In addition, you can seek help from Zippy Shell’s well-informed customer service any time of the day. For example, you can rely on a logistics manager assigned to deal solely with your project. Through a matrix of 150 franchise locations and licensed partners and collaborators, this company’s claim to fame rests on the range of services they provide. So, aside from self-pack storage to full-service moving, Zippy Shell has many other helpful storage and moving services.

Zippy Shell storage franchises in the US

What distinguishes Zippy Shell from its competitors in the US market is its continuous efforts to innovate. This tendency has fortified their standing over the years. The introduction of portable onsite containers is just one example of their groundbreaking innovations within their storage offer. These containers remain intact in all climates, enabling them to cater to customers from all over the US.

But it is something else that has placed Zippy Shell franchises into the limelight. Namely, if you decide to rent storage with Zippy Shell, they will take responsibility for its delivery and placement. Their one-of-a-kind delivery system enables the positioning of these containers in places where other portable storage solutions cannot fit in.

This makes Zippy Shell storage containers perfect for construction contractors who wish to store building materials on site. However, they are also ideal for customers who are going into extensive remodeling projects. Renting an onsite container allows keeping personal possessions close by and safe during the process.

Even local governments have made use of Zippy Shell’s services. These onsite containers have proven invaluable for storing seasonal supplies in parks and outdoor venues all across the US. As mentioned, Zippy Shell storage has over 150 franchises in many US states, covering the NYC area and other locations.

Zippy Shell moving franchises in the US

Another innovative strategy initiated by Zippy Shell in 2018 aimed at launching fractional franchise opportunities for existing moving and storage businesses. So, Zippy Shell enables local moving companies to extend their offer to long-distance moving solutions as well as portable storage.

For example, suppose you are an individual or moving company operating in the DC Metro area. In that case, you can contact one of the local Zippy Shell DMV franchises for help and guidance with anything moving or storage-related. Another benefit of collaborating with Zippy Shell on a long-distance move as an individual or a company lies in the possibility of making use of a moving or storage container for 30 days free of charge. This will allow you to settle at your new location at your own pace.

two logistics experts holding boxes
Zippy Shells has great moving logistics systems.

Hence, Zippy Shell is actively improving the range of available services of traditional companies. It does so mostly by helping them segue into a new and improved way of doing business with younger generations. Namely, the millennial generation’s needs have exerted pressure on moving companies to refresh their service catalog. This is because they are more interested in easily bookable and accessible, on-demand, DIY moving services. Zippy Shell has recognized the millennials’ tendency to control their relocation or storage projects.

Other services Zippy Shell offers

Aside from what we mentioned, Zippy Shell offers several other useful storage and moving services. So, if you need help with packing up your belongings safely. Zippy Shell can protect your valuables or fragile items. In addition, they can also take care of loading, unloading, aside from packing.

two guys moving long and local distance
Zippy Shell has a range of moving and storage services on offer.

In sum, their instinct for innovation and streamlining is just one of the reasons why Zippy Shell is one of the most successful moving and storage franchises in the US.