Emirates SkyCargo recently undertook the special delivery of 255 wild animals from their grazing grounds at a Namibian game park to a second home in Kano, Nigeria. The delivery of the animals, commissioned by the Honorable High Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Bauchi State Government, Nigeria on behalf of the Sumu Game Reserve, were purchased from the Ministry of Environment and Tourism in Namibia. The wild animals were transported from Windhoek to Kano, Nigeria by an Emirates SkyCargo Boeing 747-400F freighter charter.

The special shipment consisted of young giraffes, elands, plains zebras, kudus, oryx, blue wildebeest, hartebeest, springbok, and impala. Understanding the sensitivities of the animals which were unaccustomed to being held in captivity, all transport was organized to take place at night with animals protected in special crate containers purpose-built to ensure minimal stress or discomfort for the traveling parties.

‘Periodically we are requested to undertake such charters and are pleased to have established a solid reputation for outstanding service in animal transportation and handling,’ said Hiran Perera, Vice President Cargo ’ Freighters, ‘Emirates SkyCargo ensures that animals are safe, comfortable and secure right from acceptance to delivery. Our services are compliant with IATA Live Animals Regulations and our animal care professionals are always on-hand to ensure that the specific needs of the animals are met,’ added Perera.

The shipment required a team effort involving staff from Johannesburg, Lagos and Dubai. Corne Van Vuuren, Senior Cargo Assistant arrived from Johannesburg a day ahead of the scheduled charter to make the necessary arrangements in Windhoek. Emirates SkyCargo Executive Donald Adekunle traveled from Lagos to Kano to greet the shipment on its arrival, and Manoj Kumar, Cargo Hub Operations Officer traveled from Dubai to accompany Veterinary Doctor Hans-Otto Reutes and Animal Handler Hercules E de Jongh during the journey.

Chosen for its strong reputation in animal handling and transport services, Emirates SkyCargo was approached by Millennium Travel & Tours to carry out the challenging delivery in early June.

Emirates SkyCargo has most famously established its expertise in animal handling through its well-known transportation of horses for the Dubai World Cup and other races and events overseas. The carrier guarantees the highest safety, comfort and hygiene levels that are essential to the well-being of all animals, and offers airport-to-airport airfreight service, guaranteed capacity, tracking and tracing, specialized storage areas and specialized containers.