On Nov. 21 the World Trade Organization set up a panel to investigate US antidumping duties on shrimp, which Washington is already defending in two separate trade disputes.

India argues a US policy is illegal in forcing Indian shrimp exporters to take out a customs bond equal to about a year’s worth of duties.

“The United States continues to impose the WTO-inconsistent continuous bond requirement on importers of certain warmwater shrimp from India in an arbitrary and discriminatory manner,” India told the WTO’s dispute settlement body.

Governments impose antidumping duties when they suspect that producers are exporting products at below the market price in their own country—usually because exports have been subsidized or if it is believed there is an attempt to corner the market.

India said it was “compelled to seek recourse to dispute settlement” after a failure by the US to address its concerns.

The WTO already is investigating whether US duties on shrimp imports from Ecuador and Thailand violate international trade rules.

The United States also applies antidumping fees on shrimp from Brazil, China and Vietnam. (AP)