Moving heavy cargo through the under developed roads and over bridges with extremely poor structures in Albania is a task not many are equipped and experienced to sign up for. ‘Yet, the WWPC members Guangzhou Sunshine International Logistics from China joined with DELTA Maritime of Greece to successfully deliver a number of Hydro Power Generators and accessories comprised of 35 shipments, from China to Albania, during January ’ April 2011.

The Hydro Power Generators got shipped by Ocean, mostly on special equipment , unstuffed and stored to a hub close to Duress port in Albania, under DELTA’ s custody.

Gradually the various components o the shipment got moved to the jobsite after the roads and bridges where accessible.

A very difficult local operation came successfully to an end having in mind the unusual local circumstances prevailing in Albania, not excluding the poor infrastructure, shortage of suitable special trucks and cranes, reliable drivers, luck of know how of local investors and the customs formalities.

DELTA Maritime has a long lasting experience on Project cargo management in the SE Europe, including Albania.

Guangzhou Sunshine International Logistics has delivered over 1200mw hydropower units from China with max single generator capacity 80mw to worldwide destinations!

The potential of Hydro Plants in Albania, Monte Negro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Fyro Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece is huge

‘We already expecting the new orders for the coming project of Hydro Power generators from China to Albania, Wing Power Generators as well as other project cargo for the energy sector is flowing from different parts of the globe to the area mentioned. We all have a great work to perform ahead!’ said Haris Demertzidis, Managing Director, DELTA Maritime Limited from Thessaloniki, Greece.