CKYH Alliance (COSCON, K-Line, Yang Ming and Hanjin Shipping) streamline Pacific Northwest loops

Yang Ming Line (YML), together with members of the CKYH Alliance, have jointly developed four (4) new loops of operation to better serve their customers linking S.E. Asia with North America’s Pacific Northwest. Upgraded vessels, revised port rotations and faster transit times will enhance and streamline Pacific Northwest services beginning in May, 2006.

Yang Ming (YML) will deploy five (5) 1,800teu vessels in their revamped Y-PNW Loop, linking South Mainland China and Taiwan to North America’s West Coast. The new transit time from Kaohsiung to the Port of Tacoma will be only twelve (12) days.

YML’s port rotation will be: Keelung ’ Yantian ’ Kaohsiung (HJS terminal-YML terminal) ’ Tacoma ’ Portland ’ Keelung.

COSCON and Hanjin’s new CH-PNW South Loop and CH-PNW North Loop will be served by four 5500TEU containerships, deploying 2 to each loop. New, accelerated transit times linking S. China to N. America’s West Coast will be eleven (ll) days, and Shanghai to Seattle will be only ten (10) days.

The CH-PNW South Loop port rotation will be: Hong Kong’Yantian’ Yokohama-Vancouver-Seattle-Yokohama-Hong Kong. The North Loop rotation will be: Shanghai-Busan-Seattle-Portland-Vancouver-Gwangyang-Shanghai.

K-Line’s upgraded K-PNW loop will deploy 4,000teu x5 to 5,500teu x5 vessels and will also offer Xiamen direct calling. Yantian to Tacoma transit times will be improved from fifteen (15) days to only twelve (12) days. K-PNW port rotation will be: Xiamen-Hong Kong-Yantian-Shanghai-Nagoya-Tokyo-Tacoma-Vancouver-Tokyo-Xiamen.

The CKYH Alliance members believe their restructured PNW services will greatly improve service to customers in these trade lanes.