Yellow Transportation has been honored with the 2005 Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) Quality Award. This prestigious award is open to all Department of Defense-approved transportation providers and grades nominees on customer service, innovation and scope of contribution.

The Defense Distribution Center San Joaquin (DDJC) in California nominated Yellow and praised the company for service and quality. A review board at SDDC evaluated all nominations and made the final determination of the award recipient.

‘Yellow Transportation has maintained exceptional customer support and quality performance during 2005,’ said Dennis Barnum, DDJC Traffic Manager, in his nomination form. ‘They have exceeded all Tailored Transportation Contract (TTC) requirements ’ the management of Yellow Transportation is always willing to work with DDJC with manpower and equipment as the need arises.’

In receiving the award, Yellow was recognized for:

  • Delivering 98% of shipments on time
  • Delivering 99.96% of shipments intact and without loss or damage
  • A swift response during Hurricane Katrina
  • Allowing the DDJC to capture significant cost efficiencies
  • Providing transit times 2-3 days faster than minimums

‘This is a significant honor for Yellow,’ said James Welch, president and CEO of Yellow Transportation. ‘Our performance is indicative of our commitment to be a superior value provider to the nation’s defense efforts.’