In the midst of an unseasonably mild winter to date, Yusen Logistics (YL) is helping GRITIT gear companies up for the impending cold weather by managing the movement of snow ploughs and spare parts into the UK from America and Germany respectively.

YL is handling the shipments of the top of the range snow ploughs from BOSS Products based in Iron Mountain, MI, through to GRITIT based in Reigate, England. A comprehensive door-to-door service is being provided, including loading the containers, Customs and final delivery. YL is also bringing in spare parts and accessories from GRITIT’s German supplier based in Augsburg and managing onward delivery throughout the UK.

“We are encouraging businesses not to be lulled into a false sense of security with the current mild weather we are experiencing,” comments Nikki Singh-Barmi, Managing Director, GRITIT. “We are still full steam ahead in our preparations to help customers manage the snow and ice when it arrives and Yusen Logistics plays a pivotal role in this for us.

“For customers, we would advise them not to take their eye off the ball – the snow will come and the key to not allowing it to impact on business operations is to be ready for when it does.”