Yusen Logistics announces that it concluded a Multilateral Electronic Air Waybill (e-AWB) Agreement with the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This Agreement enables Yusen Logistics to simplify contract procedures, as individual contracts with IATA member airlines for e-AWB implementation will no longer be necessary.

e-AWBs are an initiative developed by IATA’s e-Freight project, an industry-wide program that aims to build a paperless, end-to-end transportation process for air cargo, as well as reducing office work and CO2 emissions.

Until now, Yusen Logistics has signed individual contracts with airline companies in order to commence e-AWB operations for air transport. Going forward, Yusen Logistics is aiming to streamline air cargo transportation processes and show its support for IATA’s efforts to digitize all air transport, which has led to the conclusion of the current e-AWB agreement.

At Yusen Logistics, we are further promoting our e-Freight initiatives, with the aim of going paperless, streamlining processes and reducing costs for not only Air Waybills, but the entire air cargo transportation supply chain.

Yusen Logistics has been rapidly expanding its operational base in Asia and emerging markets and started operations in its fortieth country in June. Part of the company’s New Medium-Term Business Plan is to aggressively grow in these markets, supporting global customers in the region through their regional supply chain expertize.