Yusen Logistics is expanding operations in Busan New Port, South Korea, to reduce lead time and lower transportation costs for customers located along the coast of the Sea of Japan.

The company operates a 22,000-square-meter (72,178-square-foot) warehouse at Busan New Port, one of Asia’s largest ports. Located on a busy shipping route near major markets like China and Japan, the port is a gateway between Asia and the Pacific Ocean. Yusen Logistics provides ocean freight forwarding service to Busan from ports along the Sea of Japan, including Sakai, Fushiki, Toyama and Sakata.

Customers using sea routes between Busan and the Sea of Japan can reduce lead time and lower transportation costs. Inland transport from the coast to major Pacific Ocean ports, such as Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, can be expensive and take longer than by sea. In addition, sea routes eliminate the need for personnel, warehousing and storage sites in Japan. The sailing time from Busan to Europe and the United States is no longer than from Pacific Ocean ports.

Yusen Logistics is able to offer comprehensive, region-based services for customers seeking logistics solutions at its warehouse in Busan New Port. The company maintains sales offices on the Sea of Japan in Yamagata (Yusen Logistics Tohoku); Ishikawa/Toyama (Yusen Logistics Hokuriku); and Fukuoka (Yusen Logistics Kyushu). Yusen Logistics Chugoku has developed a sales network in Chugoku area.

Benefits of the service include:

• Flexible sailing schedules;

• Reduction of lead time;

• Lower transportation costs;

• Access to warehouse offering a variety of value-added services including kitting, cutting, packing and labeling.

Current customers using the service include food, beverage and apparel retailers, construction companies, raw material vendors and metal manufacturers.