Yusen Logistics announces the launch of an innovative ocean transportation service which enables double stacking of product inside ocean containers, through the installation of specialized decks.

Trial movements in April confirmed the security of the decks and, with increasing demand for the transportation of electrical products, chemicals, food products and motorcycles, Yusen Logistics has launched this service on all transport lanes operated by its network. This provides flexible solutions as the double deck can be customized according to individual customer requirements.

The service is based around the specialized deck* - the result of collaborative development between NYK and its R&D subsidiary MTI - being installed inside the container, dividing the interior into upper and lower sections, to optimize utilization.

The new system will generate a number of benefits, including improved loading efficiency, reduced transportation costs and reduced CO2 emissions.

The specialized decks are designed to be suspended from the roof of the container. The companies involved in the development of this technology are currently applying for patents.